Follow the directions below to use your tech-savvy! Make sure you follow the directions in sequence!
Computer Station, January 25-29, 2010
DO NOW: 5 minutes

MAY DO Assignments are posted below! These are your choices for today! NO Off-Task VIDEOS!!! They are distracting other students.

1. Watch this screencast.
2. Now you try it! Leave the tab open and stay signed in.

3. Watch this screencast.
4. Go back to our blog and read the post called, "New Blog!"

5. Follow all the directions in that post. Watch all the screencasts to help you figure out what to do!
6. Log out of the blog to protect your digital footprint!


A. Re-record screencasts
B. Avatars
C. Edit your page
Remember: your digital footprint can never be erased. We're counting on you to be an excellent digital citizen!

5th Grade California Standards covered this week